Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We meant to post something weekly, but it's been a month now! Life is very busy, as it is for everyone. First and foremost, I finished the half marathon!! And I didn't get picked up by the van. My time was really bad though because the last 4 miles I barely walked. My feet were so blistered and painful. They're still not fully recovered. But that just proves that I didn't train enough, so it's my own fault. It was a lot of fun though overall and I'm really glad I did it. But not glad enough to do it again! The most rewarding part was shuffling through the Phoenix Airport, looking crippled and tattered, to find Rob, Gage, Bella, and Maya at the top of the ramp waiting for us. They were holding a sign that read, "Good Job Mommy" and Gage ran up to me for a hug. That was a nice surprise. Now we are training for a sprint triathlon in November in Casa Grande. Rob is doing it too so it should be really fun.

Gage started soccer a few weeks ago and somehow I managed to volunteer as the coach. The games are pretty funny...none of the kids really know what to do and they sometimes cry if the ball is kicked away from them. But they are getting a little better each time and seem to be having fun, although Gage says sometimes that he doesn't want to play. I think he's letting his frustration get the best of him. I have no idea where he gets that from!! Ha ha!

Bella is doing her own version of crawling now. It looks like a caterpillar and is pretty funny. She may or may not crawl the correct way, but for now it is hysterical to watch her. Gage never crawled the right way either..he did the army man crawl. She is just barely cutting her two lower baby teeth and she's almost 9 months. We don't mind because we love that gummy smile still. I had my first embarassing moment when your child says something honest and inappropriate. I took Gage's glasses in to get repaired and there was a saleswoman in the store who kept smiling at him and commenting on how cute his glasses looked. I said to him, "What do you say?" and he responded, "Thank you, you look like a witch!" In his defense, she did resemble a witch and I just quickly tried to pretend he was talking about something else. I hope she bought my distraction.

Rob's business is going well and keeps him busier all the time. He is still traveling quite a bit but we are hopeful that will slow down in the next couple of months.

We started our softball team again through Gilbert. Go Ligers!! Our record is 1-1, but we should have won the first game too. I'm sure that's what everyone says. It's a really fun team and Rob will actually get to play in a game next week.

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  1. You are a brave woman to do the sprint triathalon. I will be there, to cheer you on. I wish I could see Bella's crawl, Gages was very memorable. We miss you guys.