Sunday, September 20, 2015



What do you think brings good or bad luck?

I don't believe in luck. Good or bad. I believe that some things that happen are consequences of our choices. And some things are what the Lord knows that we need, good or bad. I also think that not everything happens for a reason....some things just happen. And our test is how we handle what is put in our path. If we have faith in the Lord and trust that He knows us and what we need, with His help we can overcome. I pray that I can remember this.

Since it's been so long, I just want to say:

I have six awesome, healthy, happy, funny, lively, kind children. They are my joys and I am so grateful for them. They teach  me so much and I have so much fun with them. My calling as YW President keeps me really busy but Rob and the kids are so helpful. Life is good. The world is becoming increasingly scary, but life is good. I am grateful. I am blessed.

One more thing....
We had family scripture time (we read out of the Book of Mormon Children's series that my mom read to us when we were little), AND we had family prayer. For the first time again, in a while. The kids asked for more scriptures! It felt good. And it still does, a few hours later. I'm feeling inspired and motivated. I must continue this.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I "pinned" this article on Pinterest that suggested topics to write about myself so that my children will know me better. I really like this idea. And today's topic is: Describe three legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears. So, here goes....

I am deathly afraid of cockroaches. They are the worst, grossest, ugliest creatures on earth and I HATE them. I cannot bring myself to even kill one, though, because I just can't force myself to get close enough to one. So, I have to get help. And sometimes, Rob isn't home, which means I have to embarass myself and call a friend or a neighbor. I can't do anything else until I know it's dead. I think this came from the house that I grew up in over in Phoenix. In the summertime, the cockroaches were EVERYWHERE and they even had WINGS!!! Talk about freaking gross!! I have vivid memories of waking up in the night to go to the bathroom, reaching around the wall to turn on the lightswitch and having a GIANT COCKROACH crawl across my hand. Other times I would go to my closet to get dressed, put something on and a roach would crawl down my back. But the worst was when I would come home at night, coming through the front entry to the front door can be best described as playing laser tag. The roaches with wings would be flying in all directions and it was nearly impossible to avoid contact. Just thinking of it gives me chills. I've been very blessed in this house as I've never seen a cockroach in 8 years!!!! But, what I've lacked in roaches, the birds have made up for....

I am just about equally afraid of birds. I really, really hate birds. Like, a lot. And, boy, do we have a lot of birds here. Our backyard has a lot of mature trees that are the perfect haven for birds. They start chirping, squawking, and screaming at 4:30 in the morning. EVERY.MORNING. If I believed in curses, I would swear that someone cursed me with birds because they seem to follow and torture me everywhere I go. AND in my own home. Nearly every time Rob leaves town, a bird gets in the house. I flip out and nearly have a breakdown. Once again, I have to call on someone to come and get the bird out. Another example is one day I was driving on the 202 Freeway and I saw up ahead in the distance this extremely large bird in the sky. As I got closer to it, I noticed it was a hawk carrying a small animal in its talons. I was in awe of this. As I got even closer, I noticed the hawk was struggling with carrying this animal and flying and as I approached it was flying lower and lower and lower until......BAM!!! It got so low that I almost hit the stinkin' bird and it DID drop the small animal right onto MY windshield!! Of all the cars on the freeway, it was MINE that the stupid bird almost flew right into. I have SOOOO many examples but I can't even stand to talk about them. I've decided, however, that there is something birds are good for. They eat bugs and scorpions so maybe, just maybe, they are the reason why we don't have cockroaches. And for that I am grateful.

Like many mothers I worry over my children. I worry that something will happen to them. But I don't obsess over it - it's just always in the back of my mind.


This is Paisley's band-aid obsession phase. She would put band-aids all over her body and face and thought it looked so cute. She is a quirky little thing.

They are at Joy School having fun with a painting project.

The girls LOVE Joy School!


Bella: Do grown-ups make mistakes and pee their pants too?

Gage: I like Justin Bieber's songs but I don't like his pants.

Bella: Please, please tell them my hair looks like this because I have lice. (embarassed by her messy hair, and not the lice?!)

Bella: Hey Mom! You have three stomachs!

Bella: I'm going to tell the builder to build my house next to yours so that if I ever want to smoke or drink alcohol I can call you and see if its a good idea.

Bella: Even though I get older I'm still going to need to ask you stuff.

Bella: I'm going to need you to decide who I'm going to marry because I don't know.

Gage: I bet you were good at homework when you were a little girl. Except you had to write your homework on a stone.

Gage: I'm starting to forget Roxy and I don't want to forget her. I miss her and love her so much.

While doing chores, Bella asks, "Hey, Mom! do you think Heavenly Father is enjoying this?"

Gage: Do boys go to spas? 'Cause I need to get a massage to get some of this stress out.

Bella: Mommy, you aren't chubby, you're beautiful!

Bella: Does Satan like rainbows?

Paisley: I just tooted and it smells like popcorn!

Paisley: (After getting a timeout in the car for acting out) "I'm gonna marry Satan!"

Gage: Did you go to college, or no? Me: Yes, I did. Gage: No wonder you're so nice.

Paisley: How come grown ups don't have to ask permission?

Paisley: Looking at the mini urn with Grandma Powers' ashes... "Is Grandma in THERE???? She's in there???? What the heck????"

Paisley: I'm going to land on my bottom because our bottom is squishy and squishy doesn't hurt.

Bella: Minnie Mouse has the best eyelashes!

Bella: This is pure happiness!

Bella: Does God love Satan? (Wow, that's a doozy. DOES He?)

Bella rarely gets in trouble because she really does make good choices most of the time. This one day I was really on edge and I had a short fuse. She did something in the car that upset me and I really got after her. I overreacted. She tried to apologize and I wouldn't let her and I told her not to talk. She started to cry and I could see that I really hurt her feelings. She really doesn't like upsetting me. So, being obedient, she did the "I love you" sign with her hand (our family thing) as a way to say sorry and that she still loves me. Oh, this girl. I felt so bad!

Bella: Mom, if you say no......Wah, wah, wah!!!!!

While watching a commercial of UFC, Paisley says, "That HAS to hurt."

Monday, September 9, 2013


1. I love music

2. I love dancing

3. I used to dream of working in the FBI

4. I used to want to be a motivational speaker

5. I love singing

6. My favorite movie is the sound of music

7. I love sports of all kinds

8. I am very competitive

9. My favorite number is was my jersey number in all sports growing up
10. I'm more of a homebody than I let on
11. My favorite food is Mexican
12. I am a perfectionist who never comes close and it tortures me
13. I love to read
14. My nickname from kids at school was BB for "Big Boobs". I didn't like it.
15. My nickname from my siblings is 'Tin and my mom called me Dolly. I love both of these.
16. I have a crazy fear of bugs...mostly cockroaches
17. I love my family more than they know
18. I love the savior
19. I sometimes wonder if Heavenly Father really knows and loves me but I know for certain that I
love Him
20. I am a rule follower
21. I'm a stickler for punctuality
22. I have a photographic memory
23. I make lots of lists and get a thrill out of checking things off

24. I don't really like talking on the phone, partly because I can't hear that well

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My little monster, as I affectionately call her, has some real doozies as of late. She is my precocious 3-year-old. More on why she's a monster later...

Me: Monster, you haven't even touched your dinner!
Monster: Ok, mama (immediately putting her hands on her food and looking at me as if to say, "Alright, I touched it!")

Monster to Carpet Guy: My mom has bras, but we don't. Do you have a bra?
Carpet Guy: Well, maybe I should. (Ha!)

Monster: I like fish in my hand, but not in my mouth. (I couldn't agree more, by the way.)

Me: What should we do tomorrow, Monster?
Monster: Re-decorate the house.

G had a little crush on a girl in his class, Madison K. One day he was so excited when I picked him up.

"Mom, mom!! I have something so awesome to tell you!!" He told me that Madison L. had told him that both she and Madison K. had crushes on him. I said that was really nice and it's because he is so kind and a good friend. He was beaming and then asked, "Mom, what does crush mean?".

About a week later I was helping out in G's class and I complimented Madison K. on her picture she was coloring. She said, "Thanks! G tells me I am the queen of colors because I'm so good at coloring." What a flirt!!

They were celebrating G's un-birthday at school, since he has a summer birthday, and I brought in donuts for the class. His teacher relayed a funny story from the morning.

Apparently, they were making ladybugs, and each child could name their ladybug. When she asked G he said,

"I want to name my ladybug 'whore'".

His teacher asked him to repeat it, because surely she didn't hear it right.
But he repeated, "whore".

She thought it was so funny because she knew, of course, that he had no idea what that word really means.

So, I did some discreet investigating to find out where it came from. He said, "Mom, my ladybug had fangs and was scary, so I named him "Horror" like a scary movie.

When he says it, it sounds like the other word. I still don't know how he knows about horror movies, because he's never seen one. But hilarious, nonetheless.

B: "We're gonna just cook up this dog and eat it!"
G: "No we're not. We don't live in China."

B recently came up to me and said, "Mom, I have to tell you something very important. Remember that time a long time ago when Monster cut my hair? (This was about a year ago). Well, I told you it was Monster who cut my hair, but really it was me. I lied and I'm so sorry."
The funniest part is that Monster admitted to cutting it when she didn't. I suppose she's just used to always doing the bad stuff.

B: "Mom, does Ursula on Little Mermaid wipe her bum when she goes to the bathroom?"
B: (answers her own question), "She probably doesn't because she's mean and bad."

B: "Mom, let's play Papercut, Scissors." (instead of paper, rock, scissors)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I'm cleaning out my computer's hard drive and stumbled across this paragraph I had copied and pasted without a reference. I hate when I do that. But I love its message. There is an immeasurable value on time spent with someone. It is a true gift of love. The possibilities of this gift are endless.

"A loving person has concern for the welfare, progress, and happiness of the loved one. He not only has concern; he does something about it by making his resources available to the loved one. Loving is giving. It is the giving of material things to others, but even more important, it is the giving of one’s time. Among the gifts a father gave to his son for Christmas was a letter that read: “To my dear son: During the coming year my gift to you is one hour of my time each day for you to use as you see fit.” Isn’t this an act of love?"