Thursday, September 4, 2008


We had a great weekend with lots of activities. Friday night, Rob and I met our friends, Chris and Erna Ray, at the Tempe Improv to see Frank Caliendo. He was soooo funny and his whole act was clean. We went for ice cream after and had a fun time talking. Chris and I have known each other since before kindergarten and we grew up together. He married a really cool chic (fun, spiritual, hip) who lets him be himself. We have a lot of fun with them and wished they lived closer. We only get together about once every three months.

We got up early Saturday morning to go to Tucson to see the Tucson LaDukes. Addie invited everyone to come down to the waterpark and food after. Trevor and Alyssa rode down with us and we met Addie, Callie, Avery and Aaron at the waterpark. It was a blast and perfect for our little ones. Addie outdid herself on the food back at their new house (which is awesome). Cameron had to stay home studying, so we got to visit with him, and Courtney and Jim came over too. The kids all played while we chowed down. One of these days I'll figure out how to caption the pictures I post instead of just clumping them all in at the beginning. We had to leave Tucson early to go to the reception of Aubrey Brooksby (the niece of one of my oldest and dearest friends, which makes me feel REALLY old) out in Peoria. We talked Aaron into going with us too. Everyone was tired on our ride home, but especially Bella. She was snacking on pretzels and I turned around to check on all of them and she had her eyes closed and was still reaching into the bag and putting pretzels in her mouth while she's almost asleep. Only Bella...

Our main reason for going was to see my dear friend, Kathleen Ashton, who flew in from Alaska to attend. It was like a Phoenix West Stake reunion! We saw so many old friends, not to mention the entire Ashton clan. We also got to hang out with Chris and Erna again and our kids played and had so much fun together. I WISH I had taken my camera! But it was so dang hot in there and we all know I'm a sweater. Nothing better than seeing people you haven't seen in a long time and you have sweat all over your face and your hair is wet! But Kathleen said she was hot too....or maybe she's just a really good friend.

Monday, we went over to the Frosts to film our movie for Ward Movie Night. It was pretty funny and the kids got to swim. Bella has a new best friend - Amy Johansson - because she took her swimming.

Some funny things about the kids while I'm thinking of them:

I took him and Paisley to the pediatrician for their wellness checkups. Bella tagged along. This was a nightmare. I got their early (by mistake) and ended up having to wait for 30 minutes past my appointment time (a total of 45 minutes) to be taken back. But not before I HAD to use their bathroom where I clogged and almost overflowed their toilet while I frantically looked for a plunger. I'm sure the office ladies, sitting right outside the bathroom door, were wondering WHAT was going on. Then I had to wait in the room for another 20 minutes for the doctor. Bella for sure had had it and Paisley was getting there. She was mostly tired and a little hungry. Gage and Paisley each had to get 4 shots!! Poor things. Paisley cried a little but recovered quickly. Gage....not so much. That kid screamed bloody murder. It was drama at full throttle. When I think of it now, it makes me chuckle, but at the time it was mortifying. So, Gage is still crying, Paisley is crying more loudly, and Bella is working on a little present for me in her diaper. So, I have to change her as quickly as possible, before they send in the paramedics for Gage's wounds, and she starts crying because she doesn't want me to change her. I can only laugh about it now....

Gage is 43 1/2" tall and he weighs 45lbs (95th percentile for both).
Paisley is 25" tall (75th percentile) and weighs 16lbs 14oz (you guessed it....95th percentile)

Even in the middle of crying with tears streaming down, she says, "Bus...Bus" which means she wants you to sing Wheels on the Bus. (She has a lisp - wonder where she got that? - which is so darn cute).

Everytime she says "bye" to someone she follows it with "see ya".

I discovered today that she LOVES Pat-A-Cake, especially the "roll it" part. She laughed out loud. That was fun.


  1. Oh, Betina you just flatter me:) Unfortunately, I do let Chris be himself maybe a little too much at times. However, he is a great man and I do love him so much. I especially love his "what you see is what you get" personality that is what attracted me to him most.

    We also had such a great time with you and Rob. We love you guys. We definitely need to get together more often.

  2. What a fun account. Chuckled over the doctor's office and managing (or non-managing) of the kids. Always glad when you can get together with the family and it always makes us wish we were there too. Courtney looks so pretty holding Paisley--two beauties together. Also always interested in 17th ward events. That's where we had our best years with our family among such good people. But now we've been away from them almost as long as we were there. Hard to believe. Keep up the good blogging. We check all the time.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  3. Betina, I laughed out loud at your doctor's visit. So typical and stressful it can be. Good thing we can see the humor after the fact.

  4. ok, your blog is cracking me up. That story about the doctors office is almost exactly like a visit I had recently to the Dr.'s.

    Oh the joy of waiting with kids. You think they could hurry it up when they know their patients don't have any patience.